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Marina Bay, Singapore

It has been quite a long time since I am back from Singapore, but I could hardly find a moment to sort and process photos from that trip.
Below is the one that made a big time at Flickr, hitting the Explore almost immediately:

Singapore, Marina Bay

I used a 28mm Nikkor prime lens for this shot, at F8 and automatic shutter speed (happened to be 1,3 seconds, which gave water some smooth effect).
Some concrete block was used for fixing the camera, instead of the tripod.
The photo had been taken in a single RAW shot.


I have visited Singapore recently. Nice, green and busy city, would really love to see more of it. Having spent lived 4 years in Abu Dhabi, I am still amazed by amount of trees, bushes and grass growing literally everywhere. This time I had only got a couple of evenings to get out and explore it, while I spend almost all week in the office, with extra-long hours and no weekend. Well, at least the view was pleasant :-)